21 Sessions Challenge For Cancer


Introduction to 21 session challenge for CA & Chronic disease


  • Tenzin has been working and studying over 35 years within the arena of mental well-being and particularly within the field of cancer for the last 5 years.

  • This program is designed based on that experience working with 100s of cancer patients and backed up by the extensive research available in this area.

  • The principle rests on the well understood reality that our minds are hugely responsible for both the onset of cancer and the ability to heal from it.While we remain in a state of stress, anxiety, fear, worry and other negative emotions healing is almost impossible. More profoundly than this though we can learn mental techniques to engage the mind with the body and actually bring about or at least enable healing to take place.

  • The program is much more than just a theoretical presentation it has practical techniques to not just understand but integrate the understandings into one’s mind and life. Through meditation and also daily practices/habits that create this.

Structure of the course

  • 21 sessions leading from the very basics of training the mind to the most profound and powerful techniques to use the mind in healing

  • Each session consists of 3 parts:

  1. A 15-20 minute audio lecture introducing all aspects of the subject within each session. Clients can sit back and listen to the material.

  2. A PDF handout summarizing all the points being learnt. Read and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

  3. A 15-20 audio meditation on the subject enabling true integration of the material into one’s mind and life.

  • The 21 sessions can be done at the patient’s own pace no need to do every day; sessions should be learnt well before moving on.

Content of the course

  • First 5 sessions learning and practicing awareness the root of mental well-being. Including how to meditate, be mindful within meditation and during the day. How to work with our obsessive thinking and how to build up a regular practice. Daily techniques to continue working with this during a normal day.

  • Sessions 7-9; gratitude, meaning & purpose and acceptance. The fundamental attitudes needed to bring healing.

  • 10-12; deepening our awareness by going into the mind itself as an object of attention.

  • 13-15; working with and learning how to let go of negative emotions

  • 16-20; learning and developing positive emotions which powerfully bring healing about.

  • 20-21; letting go of our negative (particularly ‘sick’) self-image and allowing a better healthier image to arise.

These areas are well understood to be the fundamental ones recovery from cancer requires. See for example the list given in the documentary ‘heal’ for what people attribute their radical remission from cancer to:

The Nine Key Factors to Radical Remission

Radically changing your diet
Taking control of your health
Following your intuition
Using herbs and supplements
Releasing suppressed emotions
Increasing positive emotions
Embracing social support
Deepening your spiritual connection
Having strong reasons for living

Don’t wait to get your mind in the right place to enable your body to heal & bring joy, meaning into your mind & life.

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