Cancer & Chronic Disease treatment

Cancer & Chronic
Disease treatment

Healing the body through the power of the mind

Tenzin has been working with chronic disease especially cancer for over 6 years now. He has seen multiple people into radical remission and complete recovery from cancer and other chronic issues.

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How can Tenzin help?

Working with your mind is an essential, many would say the most important element, to healing from chronic issues. If we don’t engage with some mental work we are simply not giving ourselves and proper chance to heal.

With over 35 years of experience and over 6 years specifically in the area of chronic disease Tenzin is uniquely qualified to guide people back to health.

A. Plus plan: the ideal is to work one to one with Tenzin

This ensures personal guided instruction as well as constant support on your journey. Please see more @

B. Pre-recorded programs

Set out in 21 sessions consisting of an audio talk, a summary pdf and an audio meditation. Everything you need to practise and learn is contained in this 21 session program. See more at

C. Combination of personal and pre-recorded programs:

Beginning with a one to one session for some personal guidance and then continuing alone with the 21 sessions program but having regular support from Tenzin.

D. Using free resources to work alone

Use the free resources here on the website and also available online to get started with working on the mind alone. Tenzin welcomes feedback or indeed questions and will do his best to reply. See more at Complementary Resources

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